Clean lines, sharp edges, symmetry, utilizing negative space, deeply-rooted concepts, and harmonious color palettes – These are a few of my favorite things.

Specializing in graphic design for the music industry, I focus on creating impactful, lasting designs that catch the eye on first glance and invite the viewer to further analyze and absorb the details.

Diligent research, exploration, and experimentation of the subject matter is a large part of my process. I want the audience to be excited about deep, sometimes hidden, connections between the subject and the art. Often, I use elements from our natural world to make those connections – whether it be plants, animals, landscapes, or environment.

Currently residing in San Francisco, California, I have gone all-in on my love of art and design, developing a freelance career as a unique visual designer. I’m constantly challenging myself to learn new things, improve my process, and raise the bar for what I am capable of.

In addition to our natural world, I draw inspiration from various genres of music (particularly the live music experience) and from a wide range of traditional/digital artists throughout history. I enjoy challenging myself by attempting different styles of art, but some favorites are Psychedelia, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Freeform, Abstract, Minimalism, Pop Art, and Op Art.

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