SFSU RPT Shirt Design

I was asked to design a clean, engaging graphic that could be used for San Francisco State University’s Recreation, Parks & Tourism major. The design would be used on T-shirts and other various clothing items, mainly to raise funds for their 2016 graduation.

I wanted to include several different facets of nature, and use an iconic local landmark. The golden gate bridge is the most widely known structure of the Bay Area, so I made a profile view line drawing of it as the central image. On either side of the bridge are some water shapes with leatherback sea turtles - the official state marine reptile of California. Above the waves is a dense tree line with common local conifers. Peering out above the tree lines are some mountain peaks, primarily modeled after the Sierra Nevada Mountain range. Above it all are some twinkling stars, and a red-tailed hawk spreading it’s wings.

Inside the bridge’s openings are some common outdoor recreation tools; binoculars, a mountain bike, and a canoe. I wanted to use only 3 colors, to make it as clean as possible. Purple and gold are the school colors, while the green represents the great outdoors and further relates the design to the Recreation, Parks and Tourism major.