Twiddle Gig Poster

I was asked to create a gig poster for the last 4 shows of Twiddle's 2016 "Plumperdump" winter tour. I knew the content had to be winter themed, and all four shows would be in the Northeast U.S. I wanted to come up with something "badass" to reflect the guitar-shredding and high energy rock sound of the band. I came up with the idea to make my own hybrid vehicle - What if there was a modern Harley motorcycle that was transformed into a snowmobile? So I did just that - I drew the body, frame, and exposed internals of a Harley V-Rod, and then drew the front and back end of a modern snowmobile using both Polaris and Yamaha models for reference. Adding the front skis and rear track, it came together quite well. After adding some more details of my own and fitting it all together, the Harley V-Rod Sled was born.

The background consists of some simpler shapes to make a snow-topped conifer treeline, and a "Northern Lights" effect in the starry night sky. Overlaying a white half-tone pattern that gradually gets smaller as it gets to the top creates a neat "snowfall" effect. I also added a blue half-tone in between the white, that was cut off on the bottom edge to shape the hills in the far distance.

16"x20" 3-Color Screen Print, with two versions: One using light blue, white, and green inks on Imperial Blue 100# cover stock, and one using dark brown, white, and green inks on a Rainbow-Foil (the version you are seeing), which reflects the colors of the rainbow spectrum depending on how the light hits the surface.