Official 2015 High Sierra Music Festival Poster

Quincy is a beautiful place, and I wanted to convey the diversity of the surroundings with this design while keeping a music theme. The bottom section has rare local wildflowers and plants, including the Dissected-Leaf Toothwart, Threadleaf Beakseed, Fragrant Fritillary, and Dwarf Alpinegold. Being a huge part of everyone's HSMF experience, the next section has silhouettes of all the beautiful people dancing.

The Sierra Nevada mountains, together with the high conifer tree line, are what make the Quincy skyline so iconic and powerful to me. Keeping that in mind, the next section includes the tree line with the two of the most common local conifers — the Ponderosa Pine and Red Fir — followed by the top section with the Sierra Mountains, complete with a water hole below. Standing on the Quincy sign in the center, there is a Spotted Owl — a local and unfortunately almost-extinct bird.

Quincy in Summertime has some of the best weather in the world and I knew the big, bright, almighty sun had to be part of the design. It happened to fit perfectly in the sound hole of the guitar. Last, but certainly not least, are nods to this special 25th Annual High Sierra Music Festival, including the number 25 in the center, the roman numerals at the top and bottom, and the silver embellishments throughout using sparkly metallic ink.

18"x 24" 5-Color Screen Print on 100# French Speckletone Cream Cover Stock. Signed/Numbered edition of 500.