The Lost Church Gig Poster

Some very talented local musicians were looking for a neat poster to promote their event at "The Lost Church" in San Francisco. It was an intimate 'Private Parlor Show' in a cozy living room style setting. I wanted the poster to be contemporary and elegant, while jumping out at the viewer without being too loud. I really enjoy geometric art, so I designed a relatively simple "ribbon" shape with sharp corners and contrasting colors.

After putting the text in place of where the rear part of the ribbon would be, it created a very interesting look that really seemed to tickle my brain. If I look at it one way, it appears to be a ribbon. Yet, if I look at it slightly different it appears that the rear ribbon parts are actually just a 3-dimensional top or bottom face of the lighter ribbon areas - as if they were blocks.

Together with the curled ends that break the 3d plane the rest of the shapes are on, I really love the way it all pops out without being "in your face". The turquoise color and texture highlights with the subtle angled-lines background really brought this piece together.

13"x19" 6-Color Digital Output