Wedding Invitation

Some very good friends of mine asked me to design their wedding invitations, which gave me the opportunity to flex my design muscles and make people close to me happy at the same time.

I knew it had to have a nautical/water theme, and an overall design of a modern illustrative gig poster.

After much research, I discovered The Lined Seahorse (Hippocampus Erectus), an often colorful species of fish native to Connecticut and most of the Atlantic Ocean. A unique characteristic of the Lined Seahorse is their practice of monogamy; once the male and female choose each other, they stay together for life. Along with their permanent devotion to one another, they also practice a daily dance ritual every morning to reinforce their bond.

This is why I chose to use the Lined Seahorse as the central image of these wedding invitations. I have no doubt that they will be together forever, and their strong affection for each other is well represented by the uniquely resolute love of the male and female Lined Seahorse. I also know how much they enjoy music and dancing in each other's company, another similar characteristic of the Lined Seahorse.

Together with an appropriate quote from "They Love Each Other" by the Grateful Dead, I'm very happy with the end design and believe it is a good representation of the love they share (Scroll down to see the detail).